Upcoming #PS4 games coming in January 2018 #gamer #videogames #playstation

There are a few games I am looking forward to this month, although I doubt I get the chance to play these this month. Here is a list of games coming out for PS4 this month.

January 2018


Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
  • Hasn't there been enough Street Fighter V games??? The answer is never!
Beholder (also on Xbox One and PC)
Innerspace (also on Xbox One and PC)
Railway Empire (also on Xbox One and PC)
  • I like simulation games, but have not really been a fan of home console ports. Mainly because I like to use a mouse. I'll Have to try it before it buy it.
AO Tennis (also on Xbox One)
  • I still play Virtua Tennis (on Dreamcast and PS3) as I still feel there hasn't been a good one for this generation yet. I am hopeful to give this one a try.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth -- Haker's Memory


Iconoclasts (also on Vita. Mac, and PC)
The Inpatient (VR Title)
Lost Sphear (Also on Switch and PC
  • Another RPG purblished by Square Enix. Haven't heard much about this game, but I might give it a try.


Monster Hunter World (also on Xbox One and PC)
Dragon Ball FighterZ (also on Xbox One and PC)